The dashboard section is your centralized hub to manage your selling operations effortlessly. It allows you to have quick access to various important aspects from a single place, as below

  • Order StatusNumber of orders shipped, awaiting shipment, completed and cancelled.
  • Connected Accounts – Your WooCommerce accounts connected with  the WooCommerce-TikTok Shop Integration app
  • Pricing Information – Details about your plan.


  • Product Status – Number of products that are live, not uploaded, failed, and inactive
  • Ongoing Activities – Recent activities of your store that are currently being processed.
  • Completed Activities – Activities that have been completed.

dashboard activities

  • Frequently Asked Questions – A list of common queries with answers related to the app that might pop into your mind.

faq of dashboard

As a result, it helps you to stay updated with every important detail and activity of your business.

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