Migrating from Shopify eBay App to Integration for eBay App


The eBay sales app is scheduled to be down on 31st December 2022. In an effort to assist Shopify sellers in selling on eBay, CedCommerce is offering free migration facilities.

You can now shift from Shopify’s eBay App to CedCommerce’s Integration for eBay App instantly without losing any of their listings. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps to transfer your Shopify listings to Cedcommerce’s Integration for eBay & link them to existing product listings on eBay.

Step 1

Install the Integration for eBay app by visiting the Shopify app store.

Use the Link:

Step 2

Complete the onboarding steps of the app.

Step 3

Once registered, your Shopify products start appearing in our app.

Step 4

The app matches the existing eBay products with the Shopify listings once the products are successfully imported.

NOTE: In order to match the existing listings you need to make sure either of the given two conditions get fulfilled.

  • TITLE ON SHOPIFY should be same as TITLE ON EBAY.

Step 5

The app then matches your products based on the criteria mentioned above. And your inventory and price will start getting synced.

NOTE: As the products were initially listed on eBay through the Shopify sales channel app, Integration for eBay app can only sync the Price, Inventory, and Orders due to API restrictions.

Please connect with our support team to Sync any other fields or know more about the migration process.

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