Walmart Integration for Magento is an extension, developed by CedCommerce helps to integrate the Magento store with Walmart by establishing a synchronization of products, orders and refunds with the help of Walmart API.

The CRONs implemented in this extension help to automate the process thereby keeping it up to date.

This extension interacts with Walmart Marketplace to integrate the synchronized product listing between the Magento and the Walmart retailers. After installing the extension, merchant can create the Walmart Categories and the dependent attributes on the Magento store.

The process enables merchant to configure the desired product category into Magento for automatic submission of the selected product to the same Category on Walmart.

The features of the Walmart Integration  for Magento extension are as follows:

  • Profile Based Product Upload
  • Easy Walmart Category and Attribute mapping
  • Manage Walmart Product and Upload Product (directly from grid and bulk upload all products)
  • Product Synchronization
    • Automatic process on each product edit
    • Manual synchronization process
  • Review Product/Inventory/Price Feeds
  • Automated Order Import & Acknowledgement
  • Shipment and Cancellation of Orders
  • Automated Shipment with Shipworks/Shipstation
  • Multiple Shipment of an Order
  • Create Refund
  • Upload Configurable Product(s)
  • Bulk Product Upload/Publish
  • Retire/Unpublish Selected Product(s)
  • CRON Facility
  • Knowledge Base
  • Walmart Tax Codes

CautionCaution: Extension is heavily dependent on Crons for running various automated processes. So, make sure that Cron Job is properly configured and working on the server.

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