Description of Fields in TikTok Orders

    • Marketplace ID -This refers to the unique identifier of the product on the TikTok Shop.
    • Account ID – The account ID of the Magento store in which the order is imported from the TikTok Shop.
    • Sales Order Increment ID – An increment ID assigned to each order received on Magento from the TikTok Shop.
    • Marketplace Order Status – The current status of the product (shipped, pending, rejected) on the TikTok Shop.
    • Order Status – This indicates the order status (failed, imported, shipped, or pending) for products on the Magento store. 
    • Failed Reason -If an order cannot be fetched from the TikTok Shop to Magento, this field specifies the reason for the failure
    • Grand Total (Base) – The total amount of orders imported from the TikTok Shop to the Magento store.
    • Placed Date – The date on which the order was placed 
    • Created Date – The date on which the order was created in the system. 
    • Updated Date – The date on which the order was last updated, especially after order shipment on Magento 
    • Ordered Items – The below order details for ordered items can be viewed in this feature

      Product Names
      Discount Amount

    • Action – This feature allows you to access detailed order information.

      Order date
      Order status
      Order Currency
      Customer Name
      Billing Address
      Shipping Address
      Payment & Shipping Method
      Items Ordered
      Order Total
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