Description of Fields in TikTok Listing Templates

  • ID – It is the product id.
  • Template Name – The category in which products exist. It is the internal identification category name that you have set for your convenience.
  • Status – It denotes either the listing template is enabled or disabled on the Magento store. At the time of creation it is enabled.

The status disabled here denotes that products assigned in the listing template cannot be uploaded to the TikTok Shop nor can you perform an action on it.

  • Image Policy – The image policy that is applicable for the product listing.
  • Pricing Policy – The privacy policy that is applicable for the product listing.
  • Inventory Policy – The inventory policy that is applicable for the product listing 
  • Total Products – It is the amount of products that are assigned to the  listing template profile.
  • Active Products – Number of active products on the TikTok Shop from those assigned to the listing template profile. 
  • Inactive Products – Number of inactive products among those assigned to the  listing template profile. 
  • Action – It will reveal the details about the listing template. Click on it and you will be redirected to the below webpage.

Here you will find the list of all TikTok attributes matched with their respective Magento attributes and default custom and default recommended value of the marketplace attributes.

  • Account – The Mageto account to which the product listing belong
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