Description of Fields in Miravia Attributes

  • ID – It is the id of the products 
  • Code – It refers to the marketplace attribute
  • Name – The name of your product
  • Type – It is the attributes that belong to the category created in the category template.
  • Required – It tells is the attribute required in the marketplace or no
  • Category Dependent – It shows whether the attribute is category dependent or not. Yes denotes attribute is category dependent and No is for not dependent.

For example, if the product is shoes then the color attribute is category dependent but name is not category dependent.

  • Is Variant – It will define whether a variant is possible for this attribute or not.
  • Magento Attribute –  It denotes magento attributes mapped to the attribute in the marketplace. Here you can choose either Default Recommended Value or Default Custom Value. Whichever you choose, the respective column will be activated.
  • Default Recommended Value – It has the predefined values recommended by the marketplace for the attribute.
  • Default Custom Value – The value that can be set by you for the attribute other than those provided by the marketplace. 

For example, values of color recommended by the marketplace are red, green, and blue only. But your product is purple, so you can add purple as new value of attribute in Default custom value column

  • Actions – To map the attribute category wise. It can be done either mapping for specific categories or just the usual mapping.
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