Add A New Policy

Step 1: Navigate to the Add Policy button at the top on the right side (Miravia Policy ->Add Policy).

Step 2: Click on the arrow icon, it will display a list of policy types. Select the type of policy you would like to add (here we are selecting inventory policy). It will redirect you to the New Policy page.

Step 3: Enter the values in the below fields

  • Title – Add name of the policy that you would like to use for internal identification.
  • Default Quantity – Here you have to mention the default product quantity that you want to appear on the Miravia marketplace if no product is available on your Magento store.
  • Threshold Buffer – Input here the product quantity that you would like to keep exclusively for your Magento store.  

For Example, If you have 18 products but you want 13 products only to get uploaded on the marketplace then value to be put in Threshold Buffer is 5.

  • Set Inventory on Basis of Threshold – Select this feature to yes and it will display the product as ‘Out of Stock’ on the marketplace as soon the threshold quantity is reached.

It is a very useful feature in terms of avoiding overselling. As a result, it saves you from facing angry customers.

  • Use MSI – Here you can choose the warehouse location and set the quantity of the salable inventory.

Finally, choose Save&Duplicate or Save&Close option click on the Add Policy button.


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