CSV Product Upload

The Product Upload section enables you to upload BigCommerce products on via CSV file. Here you need to follow these two steps-

  • Export product
  • Import CSV product upload files.

Export Product

The section enables you to export the CSV files on in order to upload product SKU(s) on your seller panel. To Export Product via CSV file, you need to select any or all of the given product status-

  • Enabled – select the CSV file of enabled products
  • Disabled – select the CSV file of disabled products
  • Not Uploaded – select the CSV file of products that are not uploaded

Import Product Upload CSV file

Once you’ve exported the CSV file, you can add the SKU(s) of all the products you wish to upload on in the CSV file.

After that, all you need to do is to add the CSV file here, by clicking on the “Choose file” option as given in the image below and click on “Import”. All the SKU(s) of newly uploaded products will automatically be uploaded on

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