Price Template

One selecting the Price Template from the drop-down menu a dialogue box appears as shown. Click OK
price templata
On clicking OK a new page appears as shown in the image below
Price Template

  • Enter the desired Template Name to be used for BigCommerce Integration.
  • Once done, start with Select Price Manage Type.
  • You get to choose from two options, namely
    • Manage From BigCommerce
    • Custom Price Markup
  • On selecting Custom Price Markup, you further have to Select Price Type to decide whether to Increase Price or Decrease Price.
    • Increase Price: Increase the price of a commodity to nearest value
    • Decrease Price: Decrease the price of a commodity to a nearest value.
  • Now, Select Markup Method to be used to adjust the price. You can select either Fixed or Percentage.
    • Fixed: The price increases/decreases by a fixed value that you enter.
    • Percentage: The price increases/decreases by a change in percentage of the value you enter.
  • Once done with all the above mentioned steps, enter the .
  • You can also enable/disable the function of rounding off the Price to the nearest .99 by clicking on the checkbox available on the bottom left of the page.
  • Click on SAVE TEMPLATE to successfully complete the Price Template creation.
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