Catering to more than 3.5 million customers, TheMarket NZ is a content-rich eCommerce platform for local, global, and niche brands who wish to reach New Zealand’s high-engaging shoppers.

Backed by the leading retail group, The Warehouse Group – became the fastest-growing eCommerce site in New Zealand within one year after its launch. Aiming to provide the most curated lifestyle-shopping experience, TheMarket NZ enables its customers to access more than 1500 brand items across different categories such as fashion clothing, home & living, electronics, sports & outdoors so on.

Role of TheMarket BigCommerce Integration App

To simplify the selling on, CedCommerce, the Official Development Partner of BigCommerce, lets you connect your BigCommerce store with TheMarket via TheMarket-BigCommerce integration App.

The app is designed to help bigcommerce merchants facilitate effortless synchronization of product inventory, orders, price, etc.

The integration app ensures BigCommerce store owners manage products, orders, and other sales-related operations from the store itself.

TheMarket Integration App features –

Real-time Synchronization

TheMarket Integration app synchronizes your store product(s) with Whenever any change occurs, be it related to the Product title, description, prices, inventory update, or even any information about orders received on TheMarket NZ, everything gets updated in real-time.

Simplified Listing

With the app’s help, you can easily optimize your product listing on as per guidelines updated by the marketplace. You will get advanced attribute listings and category mapping features that will save you a lot of time to focus on other tasks.

Single-Click Product Upload

The app eliminates the hassle of uploading products one-by-one. TheMarket Integration app for Bigcommerce enables you to upload products in one go. You can also map product attributes and categories of products in bulk with respective TheMarket product attributes and categories.

Order Management

Irrespective of the mode through which you are handling your order shipping, the app generates orders from TheMarket to your BigCommerce store automatically. It means, whenever an order is placed on, it will automatically fetch it on your dashboard.

Threshold Inventory

The app ensures you set a threshold limit to the Product(s) so that whenever the inventory count goes below that limit, that product will automatically be displayed as “Out of Stock” on

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