Differences in Magento Walmart Integration Menu - 0.1.4 and 0.1.5

Here are some of the differences between the Magento Jet Integration Menu of 0.1.4 version and 0.1.5 version.

Version 0.1.4                                                                          Version 0.1.5

WalmartMenu-0.1.4 WalmartMenu-0.1.5












Version 0.1.4: Admin can map the categories globally from the Manage Walmart Category menu and can map the attributes globally from the Manage Walmart Attribute menu. Using the Manage Product menu, the admin can upload the products to Walmart and sync the product feeds.

Version 0.1.5: Admin can map the categories and the attributes based on profiles from the newly added menu Manage Walmart Profiles. The products are assigned to the profile before uploading to Walmart. Using the Product Feeds menu, the admin can sync the product feeds. The Extras menu is the newly added menu, where the admin can on view the categories and the attributes.

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