1. Overview of the App
  2. Registration & Sign In on app
    1. How to Register on app?
    2. How to Sign in on App?
    3. How to Reset Forgotten Password on app?
  3. Onboarding Process
    1. Authenticate your Salesforce Commerce Account Details on app
      1. How to get Account Manager Client ID from Salesforce Commerce?
      2. How to get Account Manager Secret Key from Salesforce Commerce?
      3. How to get Sub Domain URL from Salesforce Commerce?
      4. How to configure API Client?
      5. How to get Short Code, Organization ID, and Site ID from Salesforce Business Manager
      6. Business Manager User ID and Business Manager User Password
      7. Complete Onboarding Step 1: Verify your credentials on app
    2. Connect Facebook Account with the app
      1. Onboarding to Facebook Business Extension
        1. Connect Meta Business Manager Account
          1. How to Create a New Meta Business Manager Account
        2. Connect Facebook Page
          1. How to create a new Facebook Page
        3. Connect to Instagram Shopping
        4. Connect Meta Ad Account
          1. How to create a new Ads Account
        5. Connect Meta Pixel
          1. How to create a new pixel
        6. Allow Permission to CedCommerce
      2. Connect Meta Product Catalog
    3. Configure Category and Attribute Mapping on app
  4. Dashboard
  5. Profile Tab
    1. How to Create a Profile?
    2. How to Upload Product Profile-wise?
  6. Products Tab
  7. Orders Tab
    1. How to sync orders from Meta Commerce Platforms to Salesforce Store?
    2. What are the different order statuses?
    3. How to search for orders?
    4. What are the order fields?
    5. What are the additional fields?
    6. How to fetch orders?
    7. What is displayed under Order Details?
    8. How to map skipped orders?
    9. How to manage pending orders?
  8. Configurations Tab
    1. General Settings
    2. Facebook Settings
    3. Salesforce Settings
    4. Account Connection
  9. Activities Tab

Onboarding to Facebook Business Extension

Merchants can now easily set up their Meta pixels, Ad accounts, and also run their business through Facebook and Instagram Shops. By integrating with Facebook Business Extension, you can unlock a broad suite of Facebook business tools for your customers in the eCommerce and services verticals.

Benefits of Facebook Business Extensions

Facebook Business Extension (FBE) makes it easier for businesses to list products and offer other variety of services like run ads, look after the Facebook & Instagram insights, surface products to a targeted audience, and much more; right from a single place. Once you connect with the Facebook Business Extension, you can easily manage your Meta assets like; Facebook page, Ad account, Meta pixel, and Instagram profile without any hassle.

Step 1:

Here, you need to allow permission to CedCommerce API to access your Profile Name and Profile Picture, click on the “Continue as (your name)” button as displayed below.

Step 2:

In this step, you will get to know what are the benefits of connecting with CedCommerce API for Facebook Shops:

  • Get more website purchases
  • Find new customers
  • Get valuable insights

Further, click on “Continue” as displayed below to step into the next step.

Step 3:

Now here you need to perform 5 tasks – provide information as listed below and thereafter you need to confirm the settings by clicking on the “Continue” button.

But before it, let’s understand how to perform each task.

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