Manage Returns

To manage Bol returns 

  1. Go to the Prestashop admin panel.
  2. In the left navigation panel, place the cursor on Bol Integration and the section expands as:
  3. Click on Manage Returns
    The tab appears as shown in the figure:
  4. In this section, you can see the following things:
    1. In the ID, you can the serial ID
    2. In the Return ID, you can the product return ID.
    3. In the RMA ID, you can see the RMA ID.
    4. In the Order ID, you can see the order ID,
    5. In the EAN, you can see the EAN of the products.
    6. In the Quantity, you can see the quantity of the products.
    7. In the Registration Date, you can see the registration date.
    8. In the Return Reason with comments, you can see the comments get on returns.
    9. In the Fulfillment, you can see from which warehouse you can fulfill the return.
    10. In the track and Trace, you can trace and track the orders.
    11. In the Account, you can see the bol accounts.
  5. You can also Fetch returns as well as create your return orders also, by clicking on the top right corner buttons. Fetch Returns and Create Return buttons.
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