Requirements For Facebook Marketplace

eCommerce retailers like you can list their product offerings on Marketplace. The Checkout on Facebook lets people complete purchases from your business without leaving Facebook.

You can offer a checkout to your customers when you connect a catalog of your products in Commerce Manager.

To set-up the commerce manager and enable listing your products on Facebook Marketplace, you need to fulfil the following requirements:

  • A federal tax identification number that matches your legal name
  • A state tax registration number for every state where you do business
  • Your bank account info to get your payouts (currently the US only)
  • Your physical business address and email address
  • The category that best describes your business, your business type, and name
  • A business representative name, SSN and DOB
  • Your delivery options, return policy and customer service email address (shipping within 3 days)

*Note: Along with the above requirements, you should comply with the Commerce Product Merchant Agreement and the Commerce Policies that explains the terms and policies for putting forth your shop on Facebook Marketplace.

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