Dashboard Section of the Application

The app’s dashboard provides insight into your store and helps you analyze the sales. It shows basic information about your stores like products and their statuses, orders and their statuses, ongoing and completed activities, etc.


Product Status

The product status section on the dashboard presents real-time product updates. The different statuses visible to you demonstrate the product’s stages are ‘Live’, ‘Error’, Not Uploaded’, and ‘Not Ready’.

Find the meanings of the different product statuses below:

  • Live: These products are live and listed on Trendyol.
  • Error: Products under this category are not uploaded on Trendyol due to some error. These errors can include missing SKUs, products, not in stock, etc.
  • Not Uploaded: Total number of products that are imported to the app from the Shopify store but are not yet uploaded on Trendyol.
  • Not Ready: These products have some data missing, which is required to upload the product to Trendyol Marketplace.

Order Status

The Order Status section of the dashboard helps track the real-time status of the orders. Different order statuses include “Picking”,” Invoiced”, “Shipped” & Error.

Following are the meanings of the order statuses reflected on the dashboard:

  • Picking: This status denotes when the process of collecting the order or preparing the package has begun. It indicates the initial stage of order fulfillment.
  • Shipped: This status designates orders that have progressed into the “transport” phase.
  • Invoiced: When an order is invoiced by you then it will be moved to this status.
  • Error: If an order is placed and processed without updating tracking details, the order will have“Error Status.”


Here, all the ongoing & completed activities are listed. You can keep an eye on all the activities in the app, for example, product uploading, order fulfillment, etc.

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