Category Template of the Application

Category Template is used for mapping the Trendyol product attributes with your Shopify product attributes. This mapping enables you to modify/edit all products under that Category Template in one go. With the help of a Category Template, you can apply a certain set of rules and customization to your products. With this feature, you can automate your product mapping in a way that in the future if any product of the same category (or following any condition(s) that you have set in Category Template) is added, it automatically gets mapped in the respective template.

To manage category templates: “Go to the ‘Category Template’ section.”

Create Category Template

To create a new category template, follow these steps:

1. Go to Category Template > Create Template.

2. Give a unique name to your category template within 80 characters. Make the name easily identifiable.
3. Further, you need to select & set “Rule Group” to fetch a similar set of products.

Product Match: The rule is based on ANY and ALL conditions that define whether you want all the selected conditions to be fulfilled or any one of them to be true.

You can filter & fetch products based on either Title, SKU, brand, and product type, or all (if you select ‘All Conditions’ in the ‘Product Must Match’ section.

Now select the value.

Once you have entered all values, click on “Run Query.” A list of all products containing the mentioned value will be fetched & displayed.

4. Now select the most relevant product category for listing the product. Based on the selected category, you will map Shopify attributes with Trendyol attributes.

5. Map Shopify attribute with Trendyol attribute:

You are required to map two kinds of attributes- ‘Product Attributes’ and ‘Variation Attributes’.

    • Product Attributes include mandatory attributes that must be selected to map Shopify attributes with Trendyol attributes. The section also includes recommended attributes that are not mandatory but will help your product rank better on Trendyol and help buyers understand the product better.
    • Variant Attributes are mandatory if your products have variants. These attributes include colors and other specifications.

6. Value Mapping:

Value Mapping lets you link the attribute values of your Shopify products with those accepted by Trendyol. This mapping process exclusively alters the attribute values for Trendyol, leaving your Shopify store’s attributes unchanged. This feature offers a smooth and efficient way to quickly map the necessary attributes to meet the requirements of the Trendyol marketplace. You can only employ this feature for categories that have variants.

For example, if your Shopify store uses ‘S’ to represent the ‘Size’ attribute, while Trendyol requires ‘Small’ for the ‘Size Name’ attribute, you can utilize a template to map Shopify’s ‘Size’ attribute and Trendyol’s ‘Size Name’ attribute. With the ‘Value Mapping’ feature, you can then link their respective values, meaning you map ‘S’ to ‘Small.’ This process ensures that your product listings adhere to Trendyol’s specific standards without making any changes to your original Shopify store data.

    • To start with value mapping, please click on the “Map Attribute Values” button.
    • Once you open the value mapping section, you will see a list of Shopify attributes based on available variables.
    • For each Shopify attribute, the corresponding Trendyol attribute values will be shown on the right side of the screen:

  • Clicking on a Shopify attribute will open a dropdown menu with a list of standard Trendyol-acceptable attribute values.
  • Take your time to carefully assess the available Trendyol attribute values and select the one that best matches your Shopify attribute value.
  • After mapping all the Shopify attribute values, review your selections to ensure that each Shopify attribute value is correctly paired with the most suitable Trendyol attribute value.
  • If you are satisfied with the mappings, click the “Save” button to confirm and save the mapping.

7. Lastly, set Custom Pricing for the Category Template. You can set Fixed or Percentage and the products will be uploaded to Trendyol with the updated price rule.

Save the settings, and the Category Template is created successfully. You can view or edit the settings from the ‘Category Template’ section.

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