Failed Auto Shipment

The shipment that takes place via third party or Magento, when gets failed,  gets listed in the admin panel.

To see and manage the failed auto-shipment,

  • Go to your Magento admin panel.
  • On the left navigation bar, click on Wish Integration and then you can see the menu as:


  • Click on Failed Shipment and you will be navigated to the page where you can see the failed shipments listed as:

  • Here, you may see the failed shipments and you may take the action of deleting them as well.

To delete the failed shipment,

  • Select the failed shipments that you want to delete.
  • Click on Actions on the upper left side of the listing. The option of deleting shipment will appear as:

  • Select Delete.
  • Select OK when a box appears asking you to confirm your action of deleting shipment(s).
  • Shipment(s) will be deleted.
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