Vendor Configuration: 

Some functionalities can be managed by admin and some functionalities by the vendor, once an admin enables and allows the vendor to sell their product/services on their website, then the vendor can create/login to the vendor account and start selling, in this process admin have some wider range of accessibility for functionality as compared to the vendor.

This section will discuss how admin enables vendor settings, how the vendor can create an account, and how the vendor can manage rental bookings and for more admin functionality refer to the admin user guide on the website.

By Admin Panel:

Go to Admin panel-> Select-> Stores-> Configurations-> Vendor Configuration-> Enable Vendor System.

Or by; Go to Admin panel–> Select–> CED Marketplace –> Vendor Configuration–> Enable Vendor System.

Then a new page will open up, for vendor configuration, refer to the image below;

Enable Vendor System: Enable it to Yes, so that vendors can access their profile page and then save the config.

The vendor system is now enabled by Admin and vendors can log in to the frontend/Vendor panel.

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