How to get the Storefront Access token

To get the Storefront Access Token

1. Go to the Shopify Admin panel.


2. In the left navigation panel, click Apps.

In the right panel, the page appears as shown in the following figure:


3. In the right panel, click the Manage private apps link.

The page appears as shown in the following figure:


4. Click the Create a new private app button.

5. In the Private app name box, enter MageNative Storefront App.

6. Enter your email or in Emergency developer email

7. Scroll down to the Storefront API section.

The section appears as shown in the following figure:


8. Under Storefront API, do the following steps:

a. Select the checkbox associated with the Allow this app to access your storefront data using the Storefront API text.

b. Click the Save button.

c. Click the Configure Mobile Buy SDK settings (optional) button.

The Storefront access token value appears in the Store access token box.


d. Copy the Storefront access token value.

9. Go to the App Configuration page.

10. Paste the copied token in the Shopify Storefront Access Token box and click Save & Next.

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