View Abandoned cart, Error log, and Cron status

Admin can view abandoned cart, error log, and cron status, it will provide the comprehensive details of each option after selecting it.

Admin Panel->Hubspot->Hubspot (Abandoned cart, Error log, Cron status)

Abandoned cart 

An abandoned cart is a cart for which the admin is not able to capture the potential customer’s email address during their visit to your store but with this extension, the admin can view the login customer’s abandoned cart.

Upon selecting an abandoned cart a new page will open up showing the details of the customer’s cart like Purchasing point, email created at, customer name, customer email address, and purchase price.

Admin can export information via CSV file/Excel XML by the option Export available at the right corner, refer below images for more clarity.

Error Log

During the sync process of data from the Magento store to HubSpot, it may be a chance to get some errors so with this functionality admin and user can see error logs and can rectify it from their side.

There are two options available for checking error log one is related to the website which is shown above in images and another one is the HubSpot Error log, related to the HubSpot error log can be tracked in the HubSpot tab, upon clicking it a new page will open up refer to below images.

Admin can check Error type, object type, include resolved error and limit.

Cron Status

To automatically sync your Magento Store data into HubSpot, cron is used.  Here admin can check the status of cron refer to the below images.


Data Transfer

Admin can export all existing Magento store data via the export option of data transfer, it will ask to export existing abandoned cart data via a popup message, once it is selected to yes then it will also export the existing abandoned cart. If you select No then it will not export the abandoned cart, refer to the below images.


Export products, customers, orders, and login customer’s abandoned cart data to HubSpot

The admin can export product data as well as customers, orders, and abandoned cart data to HubSpot once the Hubspot gets connected to the admin’s Magento store by following the below steps.

Export Products

Login to admin panel->catalog->product.

  • Select the option products a new page will open up and showing the details of listed products.

  • Select the products and then select the option available in the drop-down list of ACTION refer to the above images for more clarity.

  • Select the option Export to HubSpot from the available ACTION menu, once done it will show a message that the product has been exported to HubSpot.

Similarly, the admin can also do the same process for customer data, orders, and login customer’s abandoned cart data to HubSpot refer to the below images for more clarity.

Export Orders

Login to admin panel->Sales->Orders.

Export Customers

Login to admin panel->Customers->All customers.

Export Abandoned Cart

Login to admin panel->HubSpot->Abandoned cart.

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