1. Facebook & Instagram Shopping - Overview
    1. How Does the App Work?
    2. Facebook & Instagram Shopping Requirements
    3. Permission and Page Roles Requirements
    4. Installation of Facebook & Instagram Shopping
  2. App Configuration to Facebook and Instagram
    1. Step 1: Connect the App with the Facebook Account
    2. Step 2: Select your Facebook Product Catalog
    3. Step 3: Warehouse Mapping and Category Mapping
    4. Step 4: Attribute Mapping
  3. Introduction to Facebook Business Extension (FBE)
    1. Onboarding to Facebook Business Extension (FBE)
      1. Connect Facebook account with CedCommerce
      2. Connect CedCommerce to Facebook
      3. Confirm Settings for CedCommerce
        1. Connect the Business Manager account
          1. How to create a new Business Manager account
        2. Connect the Facebook Page
          1. How to connect a new Facebook Page
        3. Connect the Facebook product catalog with the app
          1. How to create a new Facebook product catalog
        4. Select an ad account to connect with the website
        5. Select the Facebook pixel to connect with the website.
      4. Connect to Instagram Shopping
      5. Allow Permissions to CedCommerce
  4. Dashboard of the App
    1. Dashboard Tab of the App
    2. Profile Tab
      1. How to Create a Profile?
    3. Manage Products Tab
      1. How to Upload Products in Bulk?
      2. How to Upload Products Based on Profile?
      3. How to Upload Selective Products?
      4. Adding Supplementary Feeds
        1. What is Supplementary Feed?
        2. Steps to Add a Supplementary Feed
          1. How to Update Products in Bulk
    4. Order Tab
      1. How to map skipped orders
      2. How to manage directly on Facebook
      3. How to manage orders directly from app
      4. The order says unable to reserve inventory
      5. How to manage pending orders
    5. Configuration Tab
      1. Manage your General Setting
        1. Attribute Mapping
      2. Manage your Facebook Shop Setting
        1. Manage Products- Options
      3. Manage your Account Setting
    6. Activities Tab
  5. Facebook Ads
    1. Ads analytics
    2. Facebook Campaign
      1. How to create a campaign
        1. Create a Prospective (Audience Building) campaign
        2. Create a Retargeting Campaign
      2. How to activate your campaign
    3. Set up an Ad set
      1. How to activate your ad set
    4. Ads
      1. How to activate your ad level
  6. Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

Onboarding to Facebook Business Extension (FBE)

After fulfilling the requirements for the Facebook Business Extension (FBE); you can easily onboard to Facebook commerce surfaces like Shops, Page Shops, and Instagram Shopping with your Shopify store.

To onboard to Facebook Business Extension; you need to fulfill the following steps:

  • Connect your account with CedCommerce: Allow the permission to CedCommerce to have information like your profile name, and business information.
  • Connecting CedCommerce to Facebook: Connect with the Facebook listing partners like CedCommerce to leverage Facebook business extension.
  • Confirm Settings: Choose a Business Manager, Facebook product catalog, Facebook pixel, your ad catalog to manage your business across Facebook and Instagram.
  • Allow permissions: Allow permissions to CedCommerce to manage your business across Facebook & Instagram, show a list of products to manage, allow ads to be managed.
  • Start selling on Facebook & Instagram: After allowing permissions to CedCommerce to manage your business; map your category location and do the product import to manage your business effortlessly across Facebook and Instagram.

*Note: Make sure that you have given permission to CedCommerce from your Facebook Account to manage pages, business, and Catalog.

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