How to Create a Profile?

      1. To create a profile on the App, follow these steps:
        Click on the “Create Profile”

      2. Enter the “Profile Name” and “Product Source”.

      3. Select the “Product Category” and your “Location”.
      4. Enter the required information for your profile like “Attributes”, “Operator”, “Value” for your profile.
      5. As you complete the default mapping for your profile, the next window will allow you to complete the Attribute Mapping for your products. Select all the applicable attributes from the options available in the drop-down list. Click the “Save” button to save the selection
      6. As you complete the mapping, the next window will appear where you can view all the details of the profile to cross-check it one more time. Click on the “Save Profile” option to save all the details.
      7. Now that you have saved the profile, it will start appearing in the “Profile” tab of the app.


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