1. Facebook & Instagram Shopping - Overview
    1. How Does the App Work?
    2. Facebook & Instagram Shopping Requirements
    3. Permission and Page Roles Requirements
    4. Installation of Facebook & Instagram Shopping
  2. App Configuration to Facebook and Instagram
    1. Step 1: Connect the App with the Facebook Account
    2. Step 2: Select your Facebook Product Catalog
    3. Step 3: Warehouse Mapping and Category Mapping
    4. Step 4: Attribute Mapping
  3. Introduction to Facebook Business Extension (FBE)
    1. Onboarding to Facebook Business Extension (FBE)
      1. Connect Facebook account with CedCommerce
      2. Connect CedCommerce to Facebook
      3. Confirm Settings for CedCommerce
        1. Connect the Business Manager account
          1. How to create a new Business Manager account
        2. Connect the Facebook Page
          1. How to connect a new Facebook Page
        3. Connect the Facebook product catalog with the app
          1. How to create a new Facebook product catalog
        4. Select an ad account to connect with the website
        5. Select the Facebook pixel to connect with the website.
      4. Connect to Instagram Shopping
      5. Allow Permissions to CedCommerce
  4. Dashboard of the App
    1. Dashboard Tab of the App
    2. Profile Tab
      1. How to Create a Profile?
    3. Manage Products Tab
      1. How to Upload Products in Bulk?
      2. How to Upload Products Based on Profile?
      3. How to Upload Selective Products?
      4. Adding Supplementary Feeds
        1. What is Supplementary Feed?
        2. Steps to Add a Supplementary Feed
          1. How to Update Products in Bulk
    4. Order Tab
      1. How to map skipped orders
      2. How to manage directly on Facebook
      3. How to manage orders directly from app
      4. The order says unable to reserve inventory
      5. How to manage pending orders
    5. Configuration Tab
      1. Manage your General Setting
        1. Attribute Mapping
      2. Manage your Facebook Shop Setting
        1. Manage Products- Options
      3. Manage your Account Setting
    6. Activities Tab
  5. Facebook Ads
    1. Ads analytics
    2. Facebook Campaign
      1. How to create a campaign
        1. Create a Prospective (Audience Building) campaign
        2. Create a Retargeting Campaign
      2. How to activate your campaign
    3. Set up an Ad set
      1. How to activate your ad set
    4. Ads
      1. How to activate your ad level
  6. Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

This is a compilation of all the relevant questions, issues, and most sought information regarding the Facebook Shops, Instagram Shopping and Facebook Business Extension. You can get help from these if you are stuck in mid-ways.

  • I am not from the US, can I still sell on Facebook and Instagram Shopping with Checkout?
    Ans: The checkout on Facebook & Instagram is only available to US merchants. In case you are not from the US, you can set up your Facebook page shop providing offsite checkout services to your customers through our app. The Facebook Page Shop helps you get your products to a wider platform like Facebook and let them make a purchase right through your website.
  • How long does it take to get Facebook and Instagram Shopping approval?
    Ans: It may take a week for your listings to get live on Marketplace. Your catalog will be reviewed against quality guidelines during this time.
  • Why is my form approval rejected by Facebook?
    Facebook may reject your approval from selling on Facebook Shop due to certain conditions, some of them are:

    • You do not have the admin access for your page.
    • You have a problem while configuring the payment details.
    • You have the Facebook Ads Page with a Catalog.
    • You shop is in the “Local Business” category, change the same to “Shopping and Retail”
  • I have my Facebook Page, but it is not showing up in the App?
    Ans: You need to have the “Admin” access for the page. The App requires permission to view, and manage your page. Make sure you have given permission for access to CedCommerce.
    Check out this link:https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=business_tools and click on the “CedCommerce” icon.
  • What is the difference between an Offsite Page and an Onsite Page?
    Ans: Offsite Page: All those Facebook pages/shops that surface the offsite checkout option, which means “Send seller a Message” option that lets the buyers send the seller a message or redirect to the website to make a purchase.
    Onsite Page: All those Facebook pages/shops that feature a “Checkout on Facebook” option that facilitates the buyers to make the purchase within the App itself.
  • Will my products start reflecting on the Facebook Shop and Instagram Shopping after the approval?
    Ans: Soon after you get the approval, your products will pass through the manual quality check conducted by Facebook and as it qualifies, it will start reflecting on Facebook Shop and Instagram Shopping.
  • How many shops can I have with one company and one bank account?
    Ans: You can have only one Shop per bank account and per entity. Facebook doesn’t allow you to create more than one shop.
  • What is Facebook Business Extension (FBE)?
    Ans: Facebook Business Extension (FBE) makes it easy for businesses to list products and offer service appointments on Facebook and Instagram, find people likely to buy and book, and measure results. By integrating with Facebook Business Extension, you can unlock a broad suite of Facebook business tools for your customers in the eCommerce and services verticals—experiences such as Facebook Shops, Dynamic Ads, and other business tools available across Facebook family of apps.
  • I have mapped another warehouse location with the App, but now I have changed my location. What to do?
    Ans: You will have to do the remapping of your warehouse location. Contact us for the same.
  • What happens if the order is placed for an item that is not on my Shopify store?
    Ans: You have the option to either “Cancel” that order or you can “Map” the order with any available item in your store. Check out the “Order Panel” for more information.
  • Is it mandatory to create profiles before uploading the products to Facebook Shops?
    Ans: No, it is not necessary to make a profile while uploading your products. You can “bulk upload” your products directly on Facebook or you can do it by creating profiles or alternatively selecting the products one-by-one.
  • What are the ways to discover the products with the checkout option on Facebook & Instagram Shopping?
    Ans: There are two ways to discover products enables with checkout on Facebook & Instagram Shopping:

    • Through Search: Only the seller can search through the shop name.
    • Through Browse: Products will be available in the usual manner on Facebook and Instagram.
  • What are the catalog field requirements on the Facebook Shops? Why do my products have this issue?
    Ans: The Facebook Shops only allows the Catalog fields that are required on Shops, these requirements can be found here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/commerce-platform/catalog/fields#model
  • Why is my order reflecting pending state? What should I do?
    Ans: The orders will be reflecting to be at the “pending” stage when the order is acknowledged and has not been shipped till now. In another condition, it can happen if the order is placed for an item that is not available on your Shopify store and is directly created on the Facebook Shops. (You have the option to “map” the product with the existing product on the App.)
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