Configure Commerce Manager Account

After connecting your Facebook Page with the App, the next step is the Configuration of the Commerce Manager Account.

Commerce Manager is a set of tools that help you sell products and manage your business across Facebook and Instagram. Through the Commerce Manager, you can use the checkout option, which lets the buyers purchase the products without having to leave Facebook and Instagram.

To create and configure the Commerce Manager, you need to follow certain steps:

  1. On the Commerce Manager Page, Click on the “Start Selling” button.
  2. The following window will ask you, where to sell. From the window, select Facebook.
  3. In the Facebook section, click “Get Started”
  4. The next window will show a 3-step onboarding process namely Link Business Account, Set your Preferences, Set Up Payouts, which you will complete one by one to set-up the Commerce Manager Account.
  5. Click the “Set Up” button in the Link Business Account section.

    • This step will ask if you have a bank account in the US. Select “Yes”, and click “Next”
    • In the next step, Link your existing Facebook Page and Click “Next”
    • After that, Link your Page to Business on Facebook, to do so, mention the “Account Name” and select the Page you want to associate with it. When you are done, click “Next”
    • The last step enables you to link a Catalog for your shop. You can either select an existing catalog or “Create a New Catalog”. After that, Click “Next”
  6. The next section is to Set your Preferences, which helps you create shipping and return options. Click “Set Preferences” to get started.

    • Set up your Shipping Option, Choose among the Standard, Expedited or Rush Shipping and click “Next”
    • The next option, let you enter Return & Customer Service policy, you shall enter the number of days you will be accepting returns and a valid email address for customer service conversation.
    • Click “Save” once you are done with the process.
  7. The last section deals with Setting up the Payouts, where you need to enter the tax and bank related information. Click “Set Up Payouts” to go further.

    • In the next window, enter the complete address of your business and the email address (which you cannot modify again) and click “Next”
    • Next, select the product category that you sell from the drop-down menu and click “Next”
    • Enter your State Tax Registration Number and Click “Next”
    • After that, fill in the Tax and Business Representation form. To represent your business on financial matters, you need to enter the Business type, Business representative name, address, and date of birth. After you are done, click “Next”
    • Lastly, link your bank account information to collect the payment, for that you need to enter the details: Name of the Account holder, Bank routing number, and Bank account number.
    • As soon as you are done with all the details, Click “Finish the Setup”.
  8. After the complete setup, you now have your Commerce Manager account on Facebook.
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