App Configuration and Onboarding to Facebook and Instagram

After installing the App from the Shopify store, you need to configure the Facebook Marketplace & Instagram Shopping to your existing Shopify store.

To configure the App, there are five major steps to complete. As soon as you complete one step you will be moved on to the next step.
The steps of onboarding to Facebook commerce surfaces ie., Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Shops, Instagram Shopping through Facebook & Instagram Shopping Connector are:

Step 1: Connecting the App with Facebook Account: If you have an existing Facebook account, connect it with the Facebook & Instagram Shopping.

Step 2: Connecting Business Manager Account to Facebook Page:  To surface your products across Facebook Commerce surfaces, you need to connect your Facebook Page to Business Manager Account.

Step 3: Connecting Facebook Page to the App: After selecting your preferred Business Manager account, choose a Facebook Page you would like to connect to the App.

Step 4: Creating the Commerce Manager Account: After selecting your Facebook Page, start with creating your Commerce Manager Account.

Step 5: Configure Default Mapping of App and Product Import: Map your Shopify products to Facebook surfaces, ie., Facebook Shops, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Page Shops, Instagram Shopping based on categories, locations, and attributes.

*Note: Make sure that you have given permission to CedCommerce from your Facebook Account to manage pages, business, and Catalog. To do so, click here:

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