Facebook & Instagram Shopping - Overview

You can now extend your Shopify store to Facebook Shops & Instagram Shopping and make it easier for the buyers to purchase from Facebook and Instagram without having to leave the platform.

The checkout on Facebook and Instagram is currently available just to the US merchants.

The app empowers you to set-up your Facebook shop, connect it through the Commerce Manager, and display your existing product catalog onto Facebook commerce surfaces, ie. Facebook Shops, Instagram Shopping, and leverage checkout on Instagram and Facebook all with real-time synchronization, seamless order management, and end-to-end customer support.

The prominent features of the App include:

Leverage Facebook Business Extension (FBE): Connect your business with Facebook & Instagram to increase your brand presence across the platform.

Shops on Profile: Expand your business with Facebook and Instagram Shops. Connect your Facebook catalog page with an Instagram business account and create connections across Facebook channels.

Enable Instagram Shopping: Expand your business through Instagram Shopping. Let your customers drive the discovery of your products through posts, stories, and let them browse your products through Search and Explore.

Checkout on Facebook and Instagram: Simplify your selling process by offering a checkout option. Checkout makes it quick, easy, and secure for people to buy products they find directly within the app.

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