The part of Walmart Inc, is an e-commerce marketplace specifically catering to audiences based out of Canada. Among the top 10 influential companies of Canada, the website oversees the influx of 600,000 customers daily., an invitation-only marketplace, accepts 3P sellers who can offer quality products and great after sales service.


Role of Walmart Canada Marketplace Integration app:

To facilitate selling at, CedCommerce, the official channel integration partner of, offers an integration app enabling Shopify sellers to connect their stores with and move the products from their Shopify store to Walmart Canada and manage orders that they receive from


1. All the data in one-go at

With this app simply choose the products you want to list on and upload them in one go. Not only this, map the product categories and attributes of items in Bulk with respective Walmart Canada product categories and item attributes. Also, you can enter the value of inventory, barcodes, prices of the items in bulk through CSV upload method.


2. All the changes in Real-time

The app synchronizes your Shopify Store with, so whenever you make any changes in items – Product Information Change, Inventory status updates – or, receive orders from Everything is synchronized in real-time.


3. Retire and Re-Inject Products without any hassle

The app lets you retire products which you no longer want to be shown at You can choose all such products and upload it through CSV to retire them. Also, if the need arises, you can instantly re-inject them again. This comes handy as these products don’t go under review again.


4. Get Instant Notifications

For every order that you will receive from Walmart Canada, you will receive a notification email. Also, if you want the notification for fewer inventory products then you can get that on your App Dashboard.


5. Products Custom Pricing

You can modify the price of items being offered at With Product custom pricing you can increase or decrease the prices of all the item by a fixed amount – price gets increased or decreased with the same amount or, through fixed percentage, the price gets increased or decreased by a fixed percentage.


6. Shipping Exception

The shipment involves several intricacies which you can easily understand such as deciding different shipping rates for the same products for different regions. Also, the shipment can differ due to the mode of delivery chosen – standard, expedited, value, freight etc. Moreover, some products which are shipped Free of cost to every other location, might contain Shipping Fee for geographic locations. All such intricacies are easily resolved through this feature.

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